The Musicians

The Chatham Band is made up of a terrific group of dedicated musicians from all over Cape Cod and beyond!
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From 2003 BandSagamore Beach to Provincetown, these men and women devote their time and talent from the first rehearsal to the last concert of the season. They range in age from high school students to well past 80 years young!

It is a volunteer organization and none of the members are paid, but every year the band is treated to the Annual Chatham Band Banquet around Labor Day Week. Every Monday night from early March to late June, the members gather at Monomoy Regional Middle School Music Room and practice from 7 PM to 9 PM (except on Mondays when the school is closed).

A “Grand Time” is had by all as the band practices its ‘tried and true’ songs as well as new pieces of music that are introduced into the band’s repertoire every season.

We are a merry band of performers, lead by Tom Jahnke. The President of the Chatham Band is Sally Davol. The Band Manager is Anita Harris and the Director Emeritus is Kenneth Eldredge.


Director: Tom Jahnke Emeritus: Kenneth Eldredge
Instrument Musican Musican Musican Musican Musican Musican
Flute Molly Davol Sally Davol Anita Harris Peggy Gerber Elise Kane Vicki Goldsmith
Oboe Beverly DiPaolo          
Bassoon Christal Wilson          
Clarinet Libby Chace Kathy Herrick Vince Stamboni Marilyn Watson-Etsell Edward Whelden Alex Clay
Tenor Saxophone Alex Clay Edward Maybury        
Alto Saxophone Karl Fehrle Lawrence Gisetto Laurie Lang Rob Schain    
Baritone Saxophone Don Chase          
Trumpet Dave Boyer Jeremy Cadrin Michael Hays Benjamin C. Goodspeed Benjamin K. Goodspeed Rick Pike
  Louis Savary Jim Stamboni Bob Whitehead      
Trombone Steve Davol Tom Jahnke Robert Sneden Neill Taylor Sara Cain  
Baritone Dave Clark Cindy Maritato Cyrus Seyrafi John Wilson    
Bass Michael Rodericks Frank Toppa        
Percussion Carol Abel Cece Kane Iris Leigh Ethan Singer Barbara Shorts  
French Horn Bruce Anderson Lou Savary        


Join the Chatham Band. The Chatham Band is always looking for New Musicians! We are a friendly, relaxed group of community musicians who love to practice our craft in a no-pressure environment. We are not perfect, just a band of modern musical minstrels striving to make music and have some fun while we are doing it! We encourage you to come and sit in on a few rehearsals and give it a try.

There aren’t any rules or regulations to be a member. You don’t have to be at every rehearsal. We ask that you come to as many as you can, that you try your best and be available for the Friday Night Concerts in Chatham in the summer.

If you are interested in playing with us, we would love to have you. We have all age ranges playing with us from high school to senior citizen! We have a wide variety of playing levels from people that have only been playing for a few years to people who have played an instrument all their lives. Please contact Kapellmeister Tom Jahnke at 617-717-9828 on his cell phone. He would love to talk to you. It’s a lot of fun!

You can also contact us at for additional information.

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